Mom Joins Son On 'Dads And Doughnuts Day' With Incredible Costume

"I want you to go. You’re my mom and dad."

Being a single mom means taking on the duties of both parents.

For Whitney Kittrell, that means getting out of her comfort zone with her two kids and “teaching my son how to play catch, killing bugs with minimal screaming” and even dressing up as dad.

Kittrell, of St. George, Utah, posted on Instagram Wednesday that she was disheartened when her son’s school hosted a “Dads and Doughnuts” event because she figured she wouldn’t be welcome.

But her kindergartener said he wasn’t going without his mom.

”I finally sat him down and asked if he wanted to ask his grandpa to go. He just smiled and said ‘No. I want you to go. You’re my mom and dad,’” Kittrell wrote in the post. “So this morning I gathered up my best dad outfit, painted on some facial hair, and went to breakfast with my sweet son.”

The post went viral on Instagram and Facebook. By Friday, it had more than 7,000 shares and 13,000 reactions. And it’s no wonder ― besides the story being totally adorable and empowering, Kittrell looks pretty cool with a faux goatee.

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