'Mom': Christy Does A 'Drive By' To See What Her Boyfriend Is Working With

Leave it to Bonnie to suggest the "drive by" to Christy on "Mom." Trying to do something different, Christy decided to abstain from having immediate sex with her latest beau, Adam (Justin Long). But her mother warned her that there is one inherent risk in this kind of delayed satisfaction. What if she falls for the guy only to find out later that he's not packing much ... where it counts?

So she suggested a "drive by." "Cruise by the general vicinity," Bonnie told Christy. "Send your knee on a fact-finding mission."

Later, when Christy and Adam got caught in the rain while on a hike and sought refuge in an empty cabin, Christy took her mother's advice. Thanks to an awkward camera angle, it looked like Adam had an obscene amount to work with for a moment. But while Christy was suitably satisfied with the results of her "fact-finding mission," she failed completely in the stealth department.

"If you're curious, I can just show it to you," Adam offered after her awkward "drive by."

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