Awesome Mom Defies Stereotypes And Learns To Skateboard Like A Champ

Awesome Mom Defies Stereotypes And Learns To Skateboard Like A Champ

The word "skateboarder" doesn't typically conjure up an image of a mother-of-three shredding at a skate park. But San Francisco mom and HuffPost blogger Jennifer Latch refused to let stereotypes stop her from trying out the sport.

"I had become unenthused about exercise and health so decided I would learn a new sport which is stereotypically speaking not for females," Latch told The Huffington Post in an email.

Although she had only ever skateboarded 20 feet once, about two years ago, the mom decided to reach out to Aaron Kyro from the instructional skateboarding website

"Aaron has a series of videos that teach people how to skateboard, but he breaks it down into really simple steps that build in difficulty as you progress," Latch explained, adding, "He's a fantastic instructor." Kyro was more than happy to give the mom a lesson -- as he notes in the video, "A big part of Braille Skateboarding is teaching everyone to skateboard."

Latch was excited but nervous to get on the board. "When my husband was driving me to the spot we were going to film the lesson, I was just hoping I didn't fall over and over and make a fool of myself." The skateboarding novice did fall down, but she took it like a champ.

And, she hopes her kids can learn from her perseverance. "I am raising three girls and I hope they come away from it knowing it's ok to learn and try new things, even if it might be a little challenging," she said.

Latch hopes other moms can learn from her experience too. "It's good to get out of my comfort zone and challenge my mind and body to do things out of the norm. It's ok as a mom, or as a woman to to take some time to care for yourself as well." And although she doesn't know any other moms who skateboard, "I think women and mothers can do anything," she declared.

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