Mom Lip Syncs Daughter's Tantrum And Does An Impeccable Job

California mom and entrepreneur Jennifer Closson Aprea has an unconventional technique for dealing with kid tantrums: the lip sync.

A video she posted on YouTube shows the mom doing a spot-on lip sync to her 4-year-old daughter Danielle's tantrum. And it must be said that her timing with the little girl's screams is positively impeccable. "This tantrum is brought to you by sheer exhaustion and an invisible scratch on her leg," the video captioning reads.

Aprea told The Huffington Post that she decided to try the lip sync method because she and her daughter were both so tired, and rationalizing with Danielle just wasn't working. "I figured it might just make her laugh and diffuse the situation so we could both get some sleep," she said.

The mom hopes other parents realize she wasn't ignoring her daughter's feelings. "I would never do this if I thought it would make her feel badly," she said. "Sometimes you just need to laugh with your kids to get them through the tough tantrums."

Aprea's parenting moments have gone viral before. In December, a video of her son with his new cochlear implants, giggling at the sound of her voice, appeared across several websites.

As both videos show, clearly this family knows how to keep life fun and light.

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