Mom Lets 8-Year-Old Think He Bought A $50,000 Mustang On eBay (VIDEO)

WATCH: Kid Freaks Out When He Thinks He Bought A Car On eBay

We've seen parents prank their kids before, but one mom has recently raised the fake-out bar.

YouTube user Paula Papen let her 8-year-old son think that he purchased a $50,000 Mustang on eBay. He started crying immediately, and quickly assumed that his family would have to "sell everything" because of his mistake. Some YouTube commenters thought mom was cruel and called her abusive. Papen defended herself, assuring critics that the joke only only lasted about one minute. "Anyone who knows us knows that we are a silly family who laughs WITH and yes, sometimes, even AT each other!" she wrote.

Regardless, we think this is one kid who will think twice the next time he clicks the "buy" button.

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