Mom Hilariously Reenacts Her Daughter's Coming Out Of The Closet

Everyone's coming out is different.

For 22-year-old Bri Johnson, her lesbian identity didn't seem to be a huge surprise for her mother -- as we can see in this hilarious video making its rounds on the Internet.

The brief video, which Johnson's mother LaTanza notes the pair randomly shot for fun late at night, depicts LaTanza knocking on a door in her home as a metaphor for just waiting for the day that Bri would come out of the closet. "Because for us, it was like, [opens the door] are you coming out? No, not yet? Alright," LaTanza jokes in the above video. "Every now and then it's like, [knocks] you ready? Oh, OK, well let us know when you're coming out!"

Bri initially posted the video to her Tumblr page, with Bri noting that the reception of the video has generally been positive.

"Everybody thinks it’s hilarious and they think it’s cute," Bri told The Huffington Post. "But the reality is that it was honest -- that was a pretty good metaphor for how the situation went down... I want people to take away the fact that they should accept their kids. Give them a reason to not be afraid of telling you what’s up. Keep those lines of communication open because different reactions are really unfortunate and different people do different things when they've been rejected."

Despite how hilarious the video is, there is certainly still an important message contained in LaTanza's reaction to her daughters coming out -- especially considering the fact that LaTanza works as a minister. She told The Huffington Post.

'What I would tell a parent [of a gay child] is that, instinctively, there are things you cannot deny… I was always going to be in denial or I was going to force her to be in denial... rejection is overwhelming in any facet of life. So it’s not my life to live and your children turn into adults who go on to run the country... so I would tell a parent, it’s a choice of two things: either we are in denial or we force our children to be in denial."

Check out the video above. Want to see more from Bri? Head here to visit her Tumblr or here for her Twitter.