Why Woman With Same Name As 12-Year-Old Suicide Victim Wants Case Reopened

Twelve-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick (Becca) was found dead in September, 2013, and authorities ruled her death a suicide after what her family says was more than a year and a half of cyberbullying. Now, instead of being able to grieve her daughter's loss, Becca’s mom, Tricia, says a whole new nightmare has begun.

Tricia says she is being harassed online by a stranger who happens to share the same name as her deceased daughter. Tricia says this stranger has falsely accused Tricia’s 20-year-old daughter of killing Becca and Tricia of then covering it up.

"She feels an affinity with my daughter because they share the same name, Rebecca Ann, and she's also claimed to have a vision in her head of what happened that day," explains Tricia, claiming that Rebecca Ann has waged an online campaign against her family, including, Tricia says, accusations of murder from numerous strangers who have joined Rebecca Ann’s online groups.

"When I messaged Rebecca, she basically told me that she was never going to stop," says Tricia, who fears for her family's safety. “She's bullying, she's stalking, she's harassing.”

Rebecca Ann explains that she took an interest in the case when she heard a news report about a little girl who committed suicide. "I'm Rebecca Ann, so it did strike a nerve," she says, explaining that she had a "vision" of what happened on the day of Becca’s death.

"Anybody that tells me that Rebecca killed herself because of bullying is misinformed, and I will fight to the death to prove that she did not do that," says Rebecca Ann, who spends four or five hours a day working to have the case re-opened. "A lot of my proof is my own intuition. I want justice for Rebecca."

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