13 Year-Old 'Troubled' Child Sleeps In Basement; Family Sleeps Upstairs Behind Locked Doors

Jennifer says she can't wait for her 13-year-old son to turn 18 so she can kick him out of her house. "My 13-year-old son is making our life a living hell," she says. "My son seems to have a switch that goes off and he becomes a maniac." He has seen numerous therapists and doctors, and has been hospitalized five times.

Jennifer claims her son has punched the family dog, put holes in walls, hit a bus driver, been verbally and physically aggressive toward his brother and sister, enjoys watching others get hurt, has come after her with a golf club, and has threatened to get a gun to shoot the entire family.

According to Jennifer, he has even demanded that his own mother kill him. "Shoot me!" he tells his mom. "Kill me!"

Jennifer claims things have gotten so bad that she, her boyfriend and their two children sleep locked in the same bedroom because they are terrified that he will come in the night and harm them. "My son's behavior is so bad that my family lives in fear all day every day," she says, explaining that she now feels she is out of options.

Watch the video showing some of the behavior's in her home, and see what all parents can learn from this family. And, on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from the 13-year-old boy and what he says his life is like – check local listings here.