Mom Shamers Went After Kelly Clarkson For Giving Her Daughter Nutella

The singer posted a video of River Rose trying the spread for the first time.

Even Kelly Clarkson can’t escape the insidious phenomenon of mom-shaming.

On Sunday, the singer posted a video of her 2-year-old daughter, River Rose, trying Nutella for the first time.

”River’s first Nutella experience,” she wrote in the caption. “It should have been via crepe but toast was easier.”

The toddler’s reaction to tasting Nutella is pretty spot-on, as she breaks out into the cutest happy dance.

Clarkson’s video has been viewed over three million times, and the most common response to River Rose’s reaction seems to be “same!” But while most people thought it was adorable, many commenters had a real problem with the singer’s choice of snack for her daughter.

“There’s a lot of sugar in that,” commented one person. “Nutella is hella bad for you,” added another.

“Make your own @kellyclarkson Nutella is PACKED with sugars don’t make your kids blow up too,” wrote one commenter. Another implored Clarkson to check the ingredients list and not feed the “poison” to her child. “@kellyclarkson as a mom let me give you an advice,” she wrote.

Some commenters pointed to the recent reports suggesting palm oil ― an ingredient in Nutella ― causes cancer. The hazelnut spread maker however, asserts that its product is safe because the industrial process involves controlled temperatures to minimize carcinogenic contaminants.

“Yep. Start them out with cancer at an early age,” one person commented, while others echoed with, “Nutella is cancerous u know” and “Stop eating Nutella it’s been confirmed to give cancer.”

In addition to River Rose, Clarkson is mom to 11-month-old Remington aka Remy and stepmom to Seth and Savannah ― her husband Brandon Blackstock’s children from a previous marriage.

Clarkson, who hasn’t had time for shaming in the past, did not respond to the criticism.