Mom Shares Honest Responses To The Annoying Things People Say To Parents

Laura Mazza got hilariously blunt in this Facebook post.

An Australian mom opened up about the annoying things people say to parents in a hilariously blunt Facebook post.

Laura Mazza, who blogs at Mum on the Run, has a 1-year-old and 3-year-old. On Sep. 28, she shared some of the common phrases and other questions and statements she’s heard from people since becoming a parent ― along with her responses.

Mazza titled her 20-item list, “Things people will say or do that will annoy the shit outta you when you become a parent.”

It begins with, “1. ‘Enjoy these moments they’re only little once.’ Yes Deborah I’ll wish for the moment when my son broke a vase in a store, my daughter shat her pants and it’s leaking and I have grocery bags in my hand while both run in each direction and I want to scream and cry all while wishing I was invisible... absolutely will wish for those moments.”

Mazza shared more blunt replies to phrases like “Oh you’ve got your hands full,” “You should sleep when the baby sleeps,” and “She doesn’t look anything like you.” She also described situations that are all-too-familiar to parents. Some highlights:

11. Randoms who tell your children off. “Geez I’m sorry that my son was laughing in a public vicinity Gary. Next time I’ll tape his mouth shut”

12. The jerks who will praise dads when they’re out with their kids as a good babysitter or say “poor dad tough job by himself with the kids”..... nah uh... his seamen ran that ship to my uterus, he’s just as in this as me thanks!

13. The “was it planned” or “are they all yours?” Nope I just had sex with lots of random men and shot some babies out like cannonballs. Actually I went into a field with other women who also shot their babies out like cannonballs and just picked whichever landed next to me.

Mazza concluded with a prompt for her fellow parents “What else??” The post has received nearly 2,000 likes and was shared more than 450 times.

The mom told HuffPost she’s received lots of comments from other parents sharing their similar experiences. “It’s both frustrating and hilarious to read,” she said.

“I just always see loads of comments on Facebook pages and people will write to me directly and say some things,” she added. “I feel it’s a little solidarity for parents so they know they’re not alone.”