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Mom Shows What Breastfeeding Multitasking Really Looks Like

“I got that #MilkMoney"

An NFL player captured a very real parenting moment before date night with his wife.

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie took a video of his wife Terricka putting on makeup while breastfeeding one of their 2-month-old twins. The mom was prepping for the couple’s first date night since welcoming the babies.

Terricka, a mom of five who made headlines earlier this year after unexpectedly becoming pregnant with the twins after her husband’s vasectomy, posted the video on her Instagram.

“I got that #MilkMoney.. 1st time I’m leaving my babies for more than a hour,” she wrote in the caption. “But 1st let me empty this Milk real quick. SuperMom #breastfeedingmommy #mommystillneedsalife”

The video has been viewed over 18,000 times.

Breastfeeding multitasking for the win!

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