Mom Shows Why Her Son's Saturday Activity Is A Big Problem

"To previous generations of parents this would be perfectly fine."

Parents are keenly aware that the things their own parents let them do when they were growing up would probably get moms and dads in a lot of trouble today.

But sometimes, busy parents can't quite meet today's standards. Mom and HuffPost blogger Bunmi Laditan recently shared a hilarious Facebook post about why her son's Saturday morning activity is very problematic.

On April 16, Laditan posted a photo of her son playing with colorful clay, eating strawberries and watching "PAW Patrol."

"To previous generations of parents this would be perfectly fine and look like a darn good Saturday morning," she wrote, adding "But to ours..."

Laditan proceeded to list the reasons why her son's weekend activities are not OK, including the fact that the strawberries aren't organic and thus are "just fruit-shaped poison bombs," the clay from the local dollar store probably contains lead, and surely his Spider-Man mat has BPA.

Regarding his "PAW Patrol" viewing, the mom writes, "Screen time? It's scrambling his brain. He should be outside catching butterflies in an organic cotton onesie and $45 dollar baby sandals designed for growing feet. Don't forget to capture the memories on a $500 camera and then edit them in Photoshop before sharing online."

At the end of her post, which received over 14,000 likes, Laditan wrote, "We've got so much noise in our ears all the time about how to better parents even though most of us were raised on bologna sandwiches and Tang."

She concludes, "Whatever. My son's going to enjoy his tv, toxic snack, and questionable crafts. It's good enough for us."

Fair enough.

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