Every Time Mom Sneezes, This Baby Laughs and Can't Stop!

By Paul Morris, writer at LittleThings.com

There's just something beautiful about the joy that a mother and her baby can share with each other in perfect moments like this. As you watch the little guy in the video below bonding with his mommy, the only thing you can really do is smile and be incredibly thankful that someone was smart enough to invent the camera which allows all of us to capture these little pieces of perfection!

The video starts with this little bundle of energy having the time of his life and laughing at, what seems to be, the absolute funniest thing in the history of the entire world. It takes a few seconds to see what he's giggling so fiercely at, but when you finally hear it, you'll be giggling, too! It's so simple and beautiful, but anyone who has ever been around a small child will understand, these little babies are so innocent and can crack a smile at anything!

Watching this adorable video will bring warm feelings to your heart; they grow up so fast don't they? Remember when these little babies laughed at the simplest things? Next thing you know they're growing up!

It's a shame our babies can't stay this age forever, but either way we'll always remember when they were this tiny, and really thought we were the funniest things in the entire world!

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