Mom Stoops to Conquer

Mother and daughter laughing outdoors
Mother and daughter laughing outdoors

People are my greatest asset. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by people who genuinely love and trust me. My family overwhelmed me with love. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was loved by my mother, father, and grandparents. My mom is a nurturer. She seeks the best in people and serves others, sometimes to her own detriment. I always thought that my mother was not a strong woman. Only now I realize that her strength was exercised in her service to others. My dad and I could be ambitious and aggressive because she was the strength of stability.

I sent an email to my nieces and nephews. No one exists because of his own accomplishments. We all stand on the shoulders of someone that paved the path. In paving the way for a better tomorrow, they likely gave up comforts or personal benefits. As you honor your mother, you need to also honor the woman that enabled your mom to pursue her dreams -- Granny.

Granny sacrificed so her daughter could have opportunities she never had as a young woman. Granny never asked for anything in return. She may be worrisome at times, but if that is all we have to put up with after all she's done, I think we can bear it. Your mother could not be the woman she is without Granny. I could not be the woman I am without the foundation of love, family, and discipline that Granny laid. This Mother's Day, do not overlook the one person who sacrificed all so that your mother and aunts could provide you a loving and supportive family. Let her know you are grateful. It is not the size of the gift. It is the thought. Do not wait until she is gone to talk about how good she is.

"Who can find a good woman? Her husband has full confidence in her. She provides for her family. She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. She watches over the affairs of her household and does not partake of idleness."

I am thankful for grandmothers that loved and indulged this middle child with the special attention I needed to blossom. They are no longer with me, but their love is ever present in my heart. I tell friends, that I am 95-97 percent my dad, the rest of me (good stuff) is my mom. To my mom, the 3% of me that represents you makes the rest of me whole. You are the still voice that reminds me to love and serve others. You have taught me that there is strength in meekness. I love you.

To every woman that has poured affection and nurtured the heart of a child or attended to the cries and wounds of his soul, regardless of whether you birth one: Happy Mother's Day!

This originally appeared on Ronda's blog, Ronda-isms: Good Bad Ugly.