What's Stressing Moms Out? REDBOOK And HuffPost Release 2nd Annual No Judgment Day Survey Results

We asked 25 - 47-year-old and 57 - 66-year-old moms what’s stressing –- or stressed -– them out and whether they felt any of the blame, shame, guilt, and judgment that seem to be almost status quo for women with children. Do moms really think they have it all? Did the previous generation have the same concerns about work/life balance, keeping up with other moms, and having clean homes? The survey results may surprise you.

Join the conversation! Finish the sentence "Don't judge me because _______." and tweet @HuffPostParents with #nojudgmentday.

What's Stressing Moms Out?

This post originally appeared on Redbook.com Survey data collected from 2,085 mothers ages 25-66 using SurveyMonkey Audience.