Mom Takes Daughter On Quirky Adventures In Funny Illustrations

She's drawn her as a Hogwarts wizard, Psy from "Gangnam Style" and more.

Like many parents, Thu Pham has quite a collection of photos of her kid, 20-month-old Banksii Deville Moore. Wanting to do something more with them, the mom decided to use her artistic skills to add some creativity to her daughter’s life.

Pham has been using PicsArt, a photo editing app, for about a year and a half. With it, she draws on photos she’s taken of Banksii to put her in scenarios that match her mood and expression captured in the pic.

“I have a million photos stored on my phone and I just wanted to do something with them as they were sitting there being forgotten,” Pham told The Huffington Post. “With the creative itch and a lot of spare time nursing, I did a basic sketch on a funny photo I had taken. My mind was going through all different types of scenarios that I could draw and I found myself spending hours drawing adventures on little Banksii.”

Shoot me..I think I've only seen two of the movies 🙈 #hogwarts #harrypotter #banksiiantics

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The creative mom from Sydney, Australia, takes multiple photos of Banksii on her phone or sometimes with her camera and then chooses one that will look best with some added art.

“Taking images of a toddler is no easy feat and I will only have about 30 seconds to engage her before she is off,” Pham said. “Within that time frame I would have taken about 20 to 50 images and from there I’ll then decide on one image which speaks to me the most. Sometimes the ideas come instantly just by the way her face is expressed and how the body is position but like some artists, I do suffer from creative blocks!”

Since Pham first started sharing her edited pics of Banksii on Instagram under the hashtag #BanksiiAntics, her following has been slowly growing. She told HuffPost it’s been a “rippling effect” ever since, and as of Wednesday, she has more than 13,000 followers on Instagram.

With her creations, Pham hopes to mimic the many adventures Banksii one day might be on as she grows older. Pham wants her daughter to know that the possibilities are endless.

“This whole series is dedicated to her, and in times of giving up I remind myself that this is for her,” she said. “These little drawings are to be kept as treasured memories, on how I believe that anything is possible for my little girl.”

See more of Pham’s art starring Banksii below and head to her Instagram for more of her work.

Llamas, has to be hands down the best accessorised animal 😍 #llamaswithflair #banksiiantics

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Eh...Sexy Lady........ Oh oh oh oh #banksiistyle #gangnamstyle #banksiiantics

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Anyone wake up like this today? #mondayitis #banksiiantics

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