Lacey Buchanan, Tennessee Mom, Makes Video About Blind Son Born With Cleft Lip And Palate (VIDEO)

A young mother has made a touching video about the love of her life: her son.

In the clip originally posted on GodTube, Lacey Buchanan displays a series of flashcards that tell her experience in dealing with stares, snide remarks and questions about her son's looks.

Christian, who is now 1-year-old, was born without eyes and with a severe case of cleft lip and palate.

"I was miserable," the Tennessee mom wrote on a card, as she continued to describe the first few months of taking her son out in public.

"I couldn't go anywhere without someone doing something to point out Christian," Buchanan described. "Some people would even ask me, 'What's wrong with your son?'"

But as Christian grew older, he began laughing and playing, an experience that began to lift Buchanan's spirits.

"When people would stare, Christian would start giggling, and they would giggle too," she stated.

Soon, word of her son began to spread, and people began contacting Buchanan on Facebook, telling her how Christian's story had inspired them.

As the video comes to close, Buchanan turns her son to the camera. Not only is her son beautiful on the inside and out, she says, he's her "miracle."