'I'm Not Unstable; Give Me My Children Back'

Jennifer, 40, says she's a wonderful mother to her three children, ages 20, 18, and 6 — yet they all live with her mom and dad, and her parents have temporary custody of the youngest.

"I do believe that my parents have fraudulently gained custody of my daughter," says Jennifer, who has supervised visitation. "My parents are claiming that I was diagnosed as bipolar and also schizophrenic. It's ugly, it's cruel, it's not true. They want me to look incompetent.” She continues, “My parents have poisoned the minds of my children against me."

Jennifer's parents, Anne and Charles, have a very different view. "We had no choice but to rescue our grandchildren," says Charles.

Anne adds, "Jenny is mentally ill. She lives in a fantasy world. She was diagnosed bipolar but she doesn't want to believe it ... She's not capable of being a good mother. I have no other choice."

But even if Jennifer is mentally ill, Dr. Phil points out, that wouldn't preclude her from being a fit mother.

"Let me be very clear here,” he says, “and I want to say this on behalf of all of the parents who would have a diagnosis of bipolar [disorder] or schizophrenia — that in no way precludes you from being a quality parent ... Why would that be a basis of removing a daughter from your care?"

Dr. Phil explores both sides of this family battle on Monday's show — watch more here.

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