10 Things Your Mom Was Right About, Cleaning Tip Edition (PHOTOS)

We appreciate her advice now more than ever.

You know that saying: “Mom knows best”? Of course for a period of our lives, we really questioned that notion, particularly after looking back at all of those outfits she made us wear in the ‘80s and ‘90s. But as adults, we find ourselves appreciating mom’s advice more and more -- especially since we don’t have her help cooking, cleaning and doing our laundry anymore. So we complied a list of the best cleaning tips from our moms that are not only so true but also so helpful.

Great advice for ironing:
"Never iron your husband's clothes. He can do it himself,” - Anya Strzemien, Executive Style & Home Editor
cleaning tips

And cleaning windows:
“When you clean your windows make sure you soak your blinds and wash your curtains. She says doing otherwise is like putting dirty underwear on with a clean dress.” - Michelle Manetti, Associate Editor HuffPost Home
cleaning tips

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Clogged Drains

Mom's Cleaning Tips

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