'I'm Worried My Brother-In-Law Is Having An Affair With My 16-Year-Old Daughter'

After Bridget says she found an empty bottle of whipped cream hidden behind a stack of DVDs in her teenage daughter's room, she decided to do a little snooping.

She found a letter from her 38-year-old brother-in-law Kevin written to her 16-year-old daughter Grace that read: "I love you with all my of my heart. The way I love you is unique, and I don't know how to explain it. You have also made me feel very special."

She says she "felt physically ill," and then pressed her daughter about her relationship with Uncle Kevin -- and the whipped cream. Grace revealed that Kevin, who frequently comes to their house to spend time with her, had put the whipped cream on his neck and asked Grace to lick it off.

"I know what's right and wrong, so I didn't do it," Grace explains. "He asked me again, and I said no." Reflecting on their overall relationship, she says, "Kevin is not just my uncle; he's also a very good friend ... I don't feel there is anything inappropriate going on."

Kevin, who is married to one of Bridget's sisters, says he is only being a buddy to his niece, who needed a friend, particularly after her father died. "I was there as a shoulder to cry on. I would occasionally stop by after work ... Me coming around had a snowball effect to where we have formed this close relationship. The special bond that we have, it's not anything that I've set out to do. It's kind of the path that we went down."

As for the whipped cream incident, he says, "One time, Grace asked me to bring over a bottle of whipped cream. When I brought the whipped cream over, I made a bad joke. I put the whipped cream on my neck. She, maybe, laughed a little bit but she was like, 'That's weird.' I was embarrassed. It was a bad joke. I wiped it off really quick."

But Bridget claims that there have been other red flags, including Grace washing her sheets -- saying they were sweaty -- on a day that Kevin had come to visit. Turning to Dr. Phil for help, she asks: "I just want to know the truth: Is my brother-in-law a monster?"

Hear what Dr. Phil has to say to both Bridget and Grace on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, and hear more from "Uncle Kevin" on Tuesday’s show -- watch a preview here.

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