Mom Writes Moving Letter Addressed To Her Infertility Struggles

"Dear Infertility, I hated you."

A mom wrote a moving letter addressed to her previous infertility struggles to share what she learned on her journey to get pregnant.

In a letter shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Desiree Fortin first wrote, “Dear Infertility, I hated you.” Throughout her message, she detailed the grief she endured before she became pregnant with her triplets.

“[Infertility,] you steal dreams. You break hearts. You bring grief. You consume lives. You are the reason I couldn’t get pregnant on my own. You drowned my heart in deep misery from the inability to become a mother how most women do. You told me that my body wasn’t good enough,” she wrote.

Though her pregnancy journey with her husband, Ryan, was difficult, Desiree also wrote that her experience made her stronger ― even the times she sat “on the bathroom floor in complete emptiness after countless negative pregnancy tests.”

“As much as I hated you, Infertility, I am also so thankful that you were my story,” she wrote. “You made me strong. Even before I got pregnant, my strength was rising. Not only did I feel like Superwoman after all of those injections, meds, blood draws, doctor visits, etc., but I found strength emotionally, as well.”

In August 2015, Desiree gave birth to two boys and a girl: Sawyer Reed, Jax Ryan and Charlize Hope. Before that, Desiree was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, and after a couple of years of trying to conceive, the couple went to Reproductive Partners Fertility Center in La Jolla, California. Desiree and Ryan were there for about a year and went through two failed intrauterine insemination attempts before Desiree became pregnant via in vitro fertilization.

“There is so much involved emotionally and physically (not to mention money), but we wanted a family,” she told HuffPost. “I’m convinced that women with infertility are superheroes and super strong. It takes a lot of strength and bravery to walk this journey.”

Desiree, who shares updates about The Fortin Trio on Facebook and Instagram, told HuffPost she decided to write about her infertility struggles in the form of a letter because her heart became “flooded with so many feelings and emotions” during her journey.

“I also wanted Infertility to know that it didn’t win and it taught me hope,” she said. “And even though it was incredibly painful, I am thankful it was my story. I am very passionate about infertility and giving it a voice. I felt so alone at times during my journey and knowing you are not alone can truly make a difference!”

The mom of three said the feedback she has received since sharing her letter online has “been amazing.” Her email has been flooded with other women telling her about their similar struggles.

“It is amazing to reach the heart of others,” she told HuffPost. “I never imagined in my deepest heartache of an empty womb that our story would reach so many.”

When asked if she had anything to say to couples facing infertility struggles like she and her husband did, she had an empowering reminder.

“Hope is everything,” she said. “I know the journey is hard ― emotionally, physically, mentally, financially. You are strong and brave. Have grace for yourself and know that you are not alone on this walk that feels so lonely.”

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