These Mother-Daughter Yoga Photos Are Equal Parts Zen And Adorable

Taking care of kids can often mean sacrificing other once-prioritized activities, including your workouts. One mother, however, has masterfully (and adorably) found a way to complete her daily yoga routine and bond with her daughter at the same time.

Bendy Mommy's Tumblr shows a mother on a mission to get "bendier" by practicing yoga poses and stretches every day -- and her cute kid often joins in on the fun. Whether it's using mom's Setu Bandhasana pose as a bridge for toy trucks or doing a standing backbend together, this mother-daughter team takes yoga to an adorable level.

This blog proves that even a good practice can be improved with a tenacious toddler in tow... especially when pictures are involved. Other parents (including celebrities like Gisele Bündchen) have caught on too, filling their Instagrams with their pint-sized yoga partners.

You can follow this yogi mom's daily adventures with her stretching assistant on Tumblr.

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