Momentous and Ordinary


Today is the day I will send Lucia Issue Two to the printer. Finally.

The FTP login is waiting in my inbox. The InDesign files have been pored over so many times I can no longer count the saved versions. Lucia's design advisor has given it her blessing. Our editorial advisor looked me in the eye with a smile last week and said, "Send it! Go!"

I want to pause for a moment first. For me, this is a momentous occasion.

Today is also ordinary. It is Tuesday, it is raining, I am sick with a cold. The furnace guy was here this morning. I have a conference call at 3 p.m.

Sometimes we mark our achievements with big celebrations; red-letter days filled with family, friends, flowers, speeches, praise. But the very moments our most important achievements occur, we are often alone. Right there in the middle of normal, routine life something we've worked toward culminates. We feel it in our hearts. There is a quickening of pride, satisfaction, relief and excitement all bundled into one.

We must mark these minutes. Even if only with a deep inhale, a mental snapshot, a closed-eyes prayer. We must learn to whisper from ourSelves with a capital S to ourselves with a lowercase one, and with sincerity say, "Good job, you."

Life, after all, is made up of moments: they are ordinary and momentous at once. They are precious, important. Proof that we are living.

What will you celebrate this week?

I can't wait to share Issue Two with you very soon--it is so beautiful. Thank you for continuing to be part of this journey.


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