Moments of Synchronicity: What Will You Do the Next Time It Happens?

Have you ever had one of those moments when someone you do not know says something that sends a chill down your spine as you realize you are where you are supposed to be?

Or simply, a moment where time seems to stop and you do not know why?

We've all had them. Perhaps like me, you've sloughed them off in the past while saying to yourself, "K, that was odd. Oh well, no big deal." You then go about your day with the moment lost in time while something deep within your being still tugs at you.

I was in Manhattan over 20 years ago as a tourist. Walking alone down 5th Avenue, I happened to randomly glance over my shoulder towards the opposite side of the street. Within that exact moment, another human did exactly the same thing at the exact same time. From across multiple lanes of traffic on a busy weekday afternoon, the two of us stared at each other for what seemed an eternity. Why? He looked like my twin brother... which I do not have. Each of us smiled, threw up our hands in wonder and walked away in opposite directions never to see one another again.

Could've, would've, should've? Not even gonna go there because it was years ago and the event no longer exists. The moment in time which seemed to stop taught me something. Flow with what presents itself as a gift from the Universe (or whatever you wish to call "It"). I walked away. I still wonder.

Think back in time for a moment and feel a similar moment you've had. My guess is, you're thinking about a moment right now, so quit reading this post and flow for however long you need to.


Welcome back. How was it for ya?

No, I never saw the other "me" again and didn't do any research to see if I have a twin. I leave stuff like that in the past as reference points for choices I make in the present. Fast forward to the recent past...

About a month ago, I was sent with a group of 12 other people to have dinner at someone's house. I had never met the people who were hosting the dinner before and only just met the twelve the same day. I was in a place I had only been a couple of times before, the island of Bermuda.

How I got there is surreal in and of itself. Another story of synchronicity. In short, I was speaking at an event for the YPO-WPO at the Hamilton Princess Hotel and Beach Club in Hamilton, Bermuda. One of the off-site events was a "Dine-Around" in which the organizers had everyone count off up to the number eight. Whatever number you spoke indicated the group you would be with and the local Bermudian's house you would be going to. Totally random.

I ended up at the house of Barry Brewer and his wife, Heather. Beautiful home overlooking the water. Upon arrival while we all took in the magnificent view, Mr. Brewer told a few stories about his life on the island and being part of a twelfth generation family. The one story which made time stand still for me was a story about a small boat found drifting at sea.

Barry told the story of a boat finding a Boston Whaler in almost perfect condition floating by itself hundreds of miles out to sea. The boat towed the Whaler into Bermuda several years prior and once it became clear no one would claim the Whaler, Mr. Brewer purchased the salvaged boat. As we listened, he pointed to the Whaler anchored silently in the water beyond where we stood. As I gazed upon the Whaler, a chill ran up my spine.

Later in the evening, I approached Mr. Brewer and asked him did he recall the boat which towed the Whaler in and did he remember the year. He could not remember the name of the boat, but remembered it was a large sailboat towing it in about three or four years prior.

I said, "Barry, I sailed in here alone from North Carolina in June of 2011. A few days later, a massive sloop called the Mirabella Five [V] towed in a Boston Whaler which looks exactly like yours. I think I have photos on my laptop which is with me here in Bermuda. If I do, I'll send them to you. By the way, did your boat arrive missing a port cowling?"

Mr. Brewer's eyes lit up with a massive smile on his face and finally spoke, "Well, yes it did. That's it! The Mirabella Five, and it was 2011! You're one of a very few people who saw that happen! How is it possible that you are here now having dinner at my house and I just happen to tell that story?"

We both just shook our heads and laughed. We each continue to tell the story of the evening and have continued our friendship. Two souls from different worlds who perhaps never would have met had it not been for the mystery and power of the sea.

Photo by Greg Frucci, June 2011 of the Mirabell V and the Boston Whaler

Why do moments like this happen? Is there a purpose flowing quietly through all of us? Are moments like these simply random occurrences which mean nothing? Or is there a deep meaning behind them? These are questions only the individual souls who experience them can answer. When a moment like this happens to you... and it will if it hasn't already... just simply flow and see where it takes you. You never know what you may find on the other side.