Mommin' Ain't Easy: Real-Life Motherhood

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Urban Dictionary describes it perfectly: 

Mom: The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else.  Just telling her your problems makes you feel better because moms always know how to make it all go away. Even if you fight, know that she’s just looking out for your best interests.

When I became a mom everyone warned me: “life will never be the same again.” It always reminded me of the song – “It’s the end of the world as we know it.”  I heard what they were saying but I didn’t truly know what they were saying until I became a mom 1,478 days ago.  And it’s true, life has not been the same. It’s been better… better than I could have ever imagined it!  Being a mom is truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far!

But, don’t be confused… as much as I adore being a mom, being a mom of a three-nager and an independent toddling baby is no simple task.  There are days where I don’t get my first cup of coffee until 10:00 a.m., and if you can’t tell from my blog name, this mama needs her espresso to live happily ever after! =)  But in all seriousness, MOMMIN’ AIN’T EASY! There is no manual on what to expect, but I promise you…  Everything you give of yourself in motherhood is well worth it, and your kiddos  are/will be a blessing beyond words.

Mommin' Ain't Easy Graphic Tee - Threaded Tank<a href=""
Mommin' Ain't Easy Graphic Tee - Threaded Tank

 :: Here are a few pieces of advice for that soon-to-be mom (or seasoned mom) that have helped shape me into who I am as a mom in today’s society. ::

:: When you have children, your time is no longer your own.  I have learned that nap-time has become sacred time, and I long for those quiet, peaceful moments to myself.  I make nap-time a special time to either relax and recoup my energy or to do something I know will bring me joy and reenergize me for the rest of the day.

:: I have learned that I need to soak up every single hug and kiss my daughters are willing to throw my way, because one day, they will be too cool for school and no longer willing!  This is a crazy thought that seems so far off, but will happen way before you expect it – just the thought of it breaks my heart.  I pray that my girls will always love being smothered by me.  Doubtful, but hey… a momma can pray, right?!

:: I have learned that everything that I do and say is being watched and mimicked by my tiny ones, so I need to remember to watch my language and word choices.  Haha, this one has definitely been a tough one! My favorite is when my daughter asks me what a certain word means… oops… “Ask your father!”

:: Holding those sweet tiny hands is like holding a little slice of heaven.  I love admiring their little fingers and knowing that they have a big life ahead of them, and those sweet little hands are going to do good things in their lifetime.  What an honor and blessing it is to watch our children grow into who God has called them to be.

::  Tantrums during a shopping trip are not the end of the world… IF you have done your job at home first!  I believe that if you discipline your kids at home, they will quickly learn how they must act in all areas of life.  It all starts with you being lovingly tough and having the patience to stop everything you are doing to show them what you expect from them.  Repeat as needed.  This one has it’s hard moments, but in the end it is well worth it to have confidence in your toddler’s behavior while out and about!

:: Everyone has a different stage or time period that was their favorite (or their least favorite).  Don’t listen to everyone else.  As best you can, be present and find the good in every stage. Sure, there are going to be stages that are harder than others, but in the tough times & for the sake of your mental health, look back and reminisce on the good rather than dreading what is ahead.

:: There is no such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect kid, so let’s shatter those expectations.  Be the best mom you can be and love your kiddos for who they are.  Embrace their imperfections and celebrate their gifts.  You are a good mom, so hang in there and believe in yourself.  Trust me, you are making a difference!

 You are doing a great job, remember Mommin’ Ain’t Easy!!!

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