Mommy Blogger to Mompreneur: 10 Inspiring Women Prove To The Doubters That It Can Be Done

Mommy bloggers often get a bad rap among entrepreneurs and other professionals. They're not taken seriously as business women, and are mostly seen as women who sit around blogging about crafts and kids and their daily lives. Sure, they may earn a few bucks on the side doing it, but blogging isn't a "real job" and mom bloggers aren't "real" business women.
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Mommy bloggers often get a bad rap among entrepreneurs and other professionals.

They're not taken seriously as business women, and are mostly seen as women who sit around blogging about crafts and kids and their daily lives. Sure, they may earn a few bucks on the side doing it, but blogging isn't a "real job" and mom bloggers aren't "real" business women.

But the truth is, mom bloggers are a powerful force to be reckoned with that are breaking the stereotype and turning their blogs into profitable businesses.

From Mommy Blogger to Mompreneur

I asked 10 successful mom bloggers - all making a full-time income or more - to share how they make a living with their blogs and what advice they'd give to other moms who may be considering blogging as a way to make real money from home.

By reading about how they got started and where they are today, hopefully some light will be shed on the fact that mom bloggers are as serious, dedicated and hard-working business women as those that work in an office 9-5.

Here's what these mompreneurs had to share about their blogging businesses.

1. Mandy Rose - House of Rose Blog


"I love that the potential income with blogging is unlimited. You can work as little or as much as you want and for a mom of four, like myself, I love the flexibility that provides."

"Just like any kind of job, blogging is work and it takes effort and time before you will see results. If you are a "get rich quick" kind of person then blogging may not be for you.

But, if you are patient, consistent and build your brand strategically then, over time, you will start to see the benefits. I worked for almost 3 years building a community through my blog and did not make $1. It takes time and patience.

You have to be willing to put in the work and hustle just like you would at any high paying job."

2. Holly Homer - Kids Activities Blog


"I make money from my blog several ways. The main source of income is advertising networks that provide the sidebar/header ads you see on Kids Activities Blog.

The second way I make money from blogging is affiliate advertising. Companies like Amazon and Shareasale pay me a small percentage of the sale from the people I send to them who make a purchase.

I also work with companies directly who sponsor content or hire me as an ambassador. These sponsorships are customized programs based on the client's needs.

With all three income sources, it is imperative that the ads I run, the products I promote and the companies I work with are all a great fit for my blog...or it just doesn't work!"

"My blog was a hobby for years. In fact, I truly didn't believe it could ever produce income! But as my website became more established and the readership grew, opportunities to monetize came.

I think my biggest tip is to keep going. For me, it was slow at first, but now I work my dream "job" from the living room of my home.

My physician husband retired this spring to join our company. Throw in my three boys and we truly have a home business!"

3. Abby Lawson - Just a Girl and Her Blog


"The biggest chunk of our income comes from sales of digital products we've created-- online courses, eBooks, and printables.

Affiliate sales come in at a close second; we recommend products and services that we love, and when people purchase through our link, we earn a commission.

We also earn some income from sponsored posts (when brands pay us to write a post about their product) and ads on our site."

Abby even has an instructional eBook on how she turned her hobby blog into a 6-figure income in just 2 years.

"Each person is unique. There is no one else out there with your exact personality, life experience, and mix of skills and talents-- that's what you have to offer the world!

Every blogger's timeline also looks different. Some take off fairly quickly, and others take a few years to gain some traction, so don't be discouraged if growth feels slow.

Just keep being consistent, getting better, and putting out quality content that is super helpful for people, and you will get there."

4. Leigh Anne Wilkes - Your Homebased Mom


"I do earn a full time income from my blog. The majority of my income comes from ads on my blog and also sponsored post work that I do working with various brands."

"My one tip would be to remember, it takes time. Blogging is definitely not a get rich, overnight scheme!

I have been blogging for almost nine years (four years as a full time blogger), and it took me six years to make what would be considered a full time income.

And a second tip would be - be consistent. Decide a level at which you can work at and then do it consistently. If you can't do it consistently then change it. If it is only one post a week then make sure you always do one post a week."

5. Jennifer Burg - The Suburban Mom


"I have been blogging for 6 years, and I have been making a full-time living doing so for the past three years. I earn money through sponsored posts, affiliate revenue and ad networks."

Here's a bit more about how Jen went from hobby mommy blogger to full-time mompreneur:

"Like any other career, blogging isn't easy. I think a lot of people get into blogging because they think it is easy/quick money. It is definitely not that.

However, for people who are willing to dedicate the time and hustle, blogging can be extremely rewarding -- and not just for the money. I love what I do, and I love the satisfaction of knowing I built something myself that has become successful.

I have also had opportunities for myself and my family that we would have never experienced had it not been for the doors open by my blog.

So, my advice is that if you love to write and create content and you are willing to put in the time and effort, don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it -- even yourself!"

6. Jordan Page - Fun, Cheap or Free


"I make an income a number of ways. The most passive is advertisements. The ads are based on how much traffic comes to my blog.

I also make money from sponsored posts. These posts could be on the blog, or even on social media. The challenge with sponsored content is if you do too much of it, you lose trust with your readers, which ultimately hurts you much more in the long run.

My most lucrative income source is an online budgeting program I designed and built, I was aiming for 20 pre-orders, and at the end of 5 days had over 300, which equated to over $30,000 in 5 days (with very little overhead)."

"My number one piece of advice is to find what makes YOU unique. What will make you stand out in a sea of millions of blogs?

Many bloggers grab on to the "lifestyle" angle, because it allows them to blog about anything they want. I recommend finding a niche, and sitting pretty in that pocket! You like fashion? Maybe your angle is "mom-appropriate fashion", or "Fashion under $50" or "Mix and Match fashion". You like crafting? Maybe your angle is "15-minute crafts" or "kid-friendly crafts" or "weekend crafts - projects that can be completed in 48 hours".

Find an angle and niche and become the go-to expert in that area and you'll find success, regardless of how "big" your blog is!"

7. Julie Bonner - Mom Fabulous


"I started making a full-time income from my blog about a year ago. It fully supports my family of five, which is an incredible feeling!

Right now I make money from three sources: ads, sponsored posts and affiliate income.

Within the next 6 months, I plan on developing products such as ebooks and online courses; which will be another income source."

"My biggest tip would be to start this journey with confidence. If you think you can't do it or keep telling yourself you can't, then you won't! Those negative thoughts will take over during the hard days (which there will be hard days) and will hold you back from your true potential.

Connect with another blogger or woman in business and keep each other accountable. You'll need someone to walk through the bad days with you and celebrate the fantastic ones."

8. Becky Mansfield - Your Modern Family


"Once my blogging income became enough that it covered my previous income as well as my husband's income, we made the decision to work together on the blog, full time. He resigned from his job and he has been working as the finance manager, for my blog, for almost two years.

He also started a blog for fathers called Your Modern Dad. Together, our business continues to steadily grow and not a moment goes by where we are not grateful."

"I would say to remember three things...

1). Use an image to draw your reader in.

2). Use your writing to keep them there.

3). Use a newsletter to bring them back again & again.

These are all things that should be put into place from the very beginning."

9. Hilary Erickson - Pulling Curls


"I make an income through ad sales, affiliate marketing and I have my own prenatal class as well as a couple of other books (one due out any day). I also write sponsored posts for companies that I find to be a good fit with my company.

I'd love to sell more of my own products, which so far has lead me to decrease the number of ads that I have on my site. So far it has helped all of my sales, including affiliate sales!"

"It is totally possible. Stop thinking that it's not possible. BUT, you might have to change and get out of your comfort zone to make it possible.

You will likely need to kick your images up a notch, as well as put yourself out there to some companies in a way that might make you uncomfortable.

But I truly believe that if you really enjoy blogging it will show and you will build a readership and income base. Believe in yourself, and be willing to change what you need to."

10. Sarah Titus -


"Most of my income now comes from affiliate sales. I've been very blessed to partner and work directly with a couple great companies that I wholeheartedly use and personally and believe in.

Next would be product sales and ads income. I have several books on Amazon that do quite well for me and it's a passion of mine. My goal is to have at least 20 books on Amazon within the next 2 years."

"I would say that we all start in the same place. When I first started blogging, I had no clue anyone would actually listen to ME. I didn't think what I had to say, was anything special or unique, but people ate it up like candy. I'm no different from you or anyone else...

...I am completely myself and it simply attracts some and dispels others. The readers it attracts, I find ways to serve. It's not really a complicated concept. Just be yourself and DO NOT give up!

Eventually, you'll find that ONE thing, that one key, that makes you fly. For me, it was blogging"

As witnessed by the women featured here, becoming a successful mom blogger is no cake walk.

But one thing is clear: it definitely is possible. And mom bloggers everywhere deserve to be taken seriously as the smart, savvy, and successful business women they are.

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