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Mommy Bucket List: 10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives

This is your time! In a few months it will be the baby's time, so make the most of it, indulge yourself, spoil yourself, be spontaneous and adventurous and make it all about you!
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Congratulations on your pregnancy! If this is your first baby, this is truly a monumental time! With all the work you are doing physically, mentally and emotionally to prepare for your little one, make sure to take time for yourself and enjoy it. Enjoy the smiles and extra assistance from strangers, not having to suck in your belly, and special treatment from loved ones. This is your time! In a few months it will be the baby's time, so make the most of it, indulge yourself, spoil yourself, be spontaneous and adventurous and make it all about you!

It is up to you, to nurture yourself during your pregnancy. Here are some tips to treat your preggo self:

1. Travel
Even if it is only a short day-trip, go somewhere that you have always wanted to go and have never been! Road trips are great because you can set your own schedule. You could even plan a bigger trip and take a legitimate vacation. Traveling with kids can be exhausting, and you may not be able to get away for a few years after your baby is born, so make it worthwhile.

2. See Live Music
Do a quick internet search of all the shows in your area and pick out a few you would love to see. Don't miss them! Seeing live music is a great way to socialize with friends (they will love the fact that you can be their designated driver), plus baby will love it! Babies love listening to music in the womb and they are most active at night, so you may even feel some dancing in your belly.

3. Go Hiking
Being in nature can help reset your mood and energize your spirit. Pick a hike that is suitable for your skill level and make sure to bring a friend and plenty of water. If you have a dog this is also a great way to spend special time with them before the baby arrives.

4. Romance Your Spouse
If your partner is feeling neglected, take the time to nurture and pamper him -- treat daddy like mommy wants to be treated! A little appreciation of his role will go a long way and strengthen your relationship for the challenges ahead.

5. Pamper Yourself
The best way to nurture your pregnancy is to nurture yourself! If you feel good, baby feels good. Getting a massage, or your nails done, or your hair touched up before baby arrives will help you feel your best.

6. Sleep
As much as you can, whenever you can sleep You are building up your reserves. When baby arrives you will be fantasizing about waking up past 9 a.m. on the weekends or glorious mid-day naps on the couch.

7. Nest
Take time to get as organized as possible so that when baby comes you don't waste time stressing trying to find the things you need. A well-appointed nursery -- or nursery nook -- will make it easier to maintain peace and calm in the first few weeks of figuring out your routine. Make baby's space and your space comfortable and pleasant so you will enjoy spending time in it.

8. Spend Time with Friends
When baby gets here you may not see them as much, so take this time to connect with friends and let them know how much they mean to you. Strengthening these bonds will mean that your friends will be more likely to help you and soon you will need all the help you can get!

9. Be Spontaneous
One of the most missed aspects of life before baby is the ability to be spontaneous. Babies love routine, and their schedules -- especially at the beginning -- can be quite demanding. Make it a point to be spontaneous at least once a week before baby arrives -- have fun!

10. Go on an Adventure
Get out of the house as much as you can because soon you will be spending lengthy periods of time at home. Do something you've always wanted to do -- whale watching, visiting a national park or monument, seeing the sun rise and set in a beautiful place. Take this time to meditate and reflect on the miracle occurring inside you and the journey that awaits you!

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