Mommy & Daddy Do It Pro Bono

I partnered with my wife to develop a book,, to juxtapose the commercial and social benefit work done by professionals.
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For many, the relationship between work and identity comes to the foreground when they have kids and are asked by their bright-eyed progeny, "What do you do at work?" If you aren't a fireman, astronaut, or ballerina, it's not easy to explain. You want them to understand what you do but need it to sound heroic enough to justify why you must spend time away from them.

When I became a dad and began reading to my daughter, I realized there were few children's books that talked about office jobs and certainly none about pro bono work. I partnered with my wife and a good friend to develop a book titled Epic Careers by Inspiring Parents: Mommy and Daddy Do It Pro Bono to address this gap and juxtapose the commercial and social benefit work done by professionals like marketers and architects. It is always wonderful to hear from parents that it has helped them connect with their children and made them proud of their careers. Here's a short animated film based on the book to help explain what you do to your kids -- and inspire them anyway.

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