Mommy Dearest Needs a Time Out

An article recently made it's way around the Internet written by a "mom" entitled "Saying Your Dog Is Your "Baby" Is An Insult To Mom's Everywhere."

Here are the facts: the "author" had consensual unprotected sex which resulted in three kids and now she is telling those with dogs who consider and call them their kids/family that they are not allowed to do this. This dip shit took the time out of her very important "mommy and me" schedule to write a piece about the differences between being a mother to a human and a dog? I know... it's about as prolific as the hole of an ass.

This level of dumb doesn't deserve a response or my attention but as a 44-year-old woman who's never wanted a child but recycles so as to preserve the future for others who do, I felt a few words were in order.

Dogs and kids are both innocent, helpless, vulnerable and rely solely on us for absolutely everything. They love, trust, whine, have needs and should be treated with love and respect. Sadly, both are victimized daily by our species.

I am the primary care giver to Angel and Angel is a dog. I wipe her ass, cook for her, give her meds, give her walks, baths, clip her nails, clean her ears, teeth and keep her safe among many many other things and I love her completely.

Angel is not only my child, FURBABY and FURKID, she is also my best friend, teacher, inspiration and she is my family. She's been more loyal and honest than most humans I've encountered and she is my priority. Like human parents (excluding the millions of those who abuse and neglect) are protective of their kids, I too would kill anyone who tried to hurt my child. And as unfair life would have it, they don't live as long as us, so we will be forced to decide when to let them go and we will hold them in our arms while it's happening and we will go through this excruciating pain and suffer extreme loss because they are our family. I've lost two dogs and the pain and grief is no different or less than the pain felt by a human parent who loses their child.

So, if this piece of human taint fuzz feels it's okay to stand on her "mommy" soapbox and tell others what they can cannot call their pets or suggest her job as a primary care giver is more important than ours/mine because her child is human... then I feel it's okay to invite her to BLOW ME.


Oh... I won't be recycling anymore. The future of her kids on this dying planet is not my problem. She should have thought about that before watching 50 Shades of Grey and forcing her husband to impregnate her in an effort to save their loveless marriage. I feel sorry for the three lives she brought into this world who got stuck with her as a mom.

One last thought... if she ever found herself in a collapsed building, needing to be rescued or became permanently blind... who'd be the first one to search the hot smokey rubble or take on the responsibility of leading her through life day in and day out? Her kid or mine? Hmmm.....