Mommyrexia: Moms-To-Be Strive To Stay Skinny

Anorexics, 'drunkorexics', 'manorexics', 'tanorexics' and now 'mommyrexics'. That's the new word to describe a so called "new breed" of pregnant women who are desperate to keep the nine months of weight gain to an absolute minimum.

The New York Post reports that celebrities like Bethany Frankel and Victoria Beckham who all managed to stay relatively thin while pregnant -- and quickly lost any extra padding after -- could be to blame, causing some to feel insecure and taking their quest to stay slim to the extreme.

It's a trend that has retailers responding: Pregnancy concierge, maternity boutique owner and mommy-whisperer on Bravo's reality series "Pregnant in Heels", Rosie Pope, has said she's had to add size "extra-small" to her inventory due to popular demand.

For Manhattan mothers, the term may be new, but trying to stay thin while pregnant definitely is not. New York Magazine reported in 2005 there were rumors of some New York women going so far as to schedule Cesarean sections in the eighth month to quash the last month of weight gain.