Moms And Daughters Talk About How Planned Parenthood Made Their Relationships Stronger

When I was 14, my mother and I went to Planned Parenthood together to attend a comprehensive sex ed class. She'd figured out that my boyfriend and I had started touching each other under our clothes and wanted to give me all the tools available to "make good choices." Sending me to Planned Parenthood was my mom's way of empowering me to make my own decisions about my sexual health; coming with me was her way of saying she'd support me, no matter what those decisions were.

When I was 23, my mother and I went to Planned Parenthood together so I could have an abortion. She'd volunteered to fly across the country and go with me after I told her I was pregnant. She never shamed me or questioned my decision, never told me I was irresponsible or disappointing. Because of my experience with her at Planned Parenthood when I was 14, I knew I could count on her support. 

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