Moms Are Totally Relating To Serena Williams' Latest Pregnancy Tweet

The tennis legend has been keeping it real about the less than glamorous parts of pregnancy.
Serena Williams is pregnant with her first child.
Serena Williams is pregnant with her first child.

Serena is nearing the end of her pregnancy and experiencing all the ... er, magical body changes that come with it. The tennis legend has been tweeting about her experiences as an expectant mother ever since accidentally breaking the news of her pregnancy in April.

Her latest update is one many moms know all too well.

“It’s official. I no longer have ankles,” she tweeted on Sunday.

The tweet clearly resonated with other pregnant and formerly pregnant mamas, who responded to let her know she is not alone.

Williams has been keeping her fans updated on the highs and lows of pregnancy and crowdsourcing advice for dealing with the not-so glamorous parts ― from heartburn to back pain to sleep struggles.

It seems Williams’ due date is fast approaching. Over the weekend, she asked Reddit users when she should pack her hospital bag and what essentials she might need.

Best of luck to this mama-to-be!