Mom's Baby Bottle Hack Goes Viral

People are loving this storage method.

We’ve seen parenting hacks for diaper bags, holiday shopping, air travel, and Diaper Genies. Now we’ve got a hack for storing baby bottles.

On June 1, Texas mom Brooke McDaniel shared a trick she uses to keep her kids’ bottles organized and save space in her kitchen.

”I’ve posted about this in my mommy group, but figured I should share with all new moms on my page, save your kitchen,” she posted on Facebook. “It’s a $12 shower caddy. Best ‘bottle holder’ I could ever have. All my bottles in one place on my wall, space I wasn’t utilizing, instead of having a cabinet with bottles overflowing from it.”

McDaniel’s post received over 43,000 likes and been shared over 117,000 times. The comments section is filled with messages of gratitude from fellow parents, many of whom tagged their partners and other moms and dads.

Following all the attention, McDaniel updated her post to express her surprise at the viral fame and clarify a few things.

“This post was only ever intended for my friends,” she wrote. “I’m glad others are finding it helpful, but I never expected it to get any type of negative reaction ― so I’d like to address those now questioning my mothering methods.”

Regarding those who said she had too many bottles, she explained that she has two children on bottles and a very busy schedule. “This amount ensures my children will have enough to get through 24 hours with ease,” she wrote.

As for the complaints about the exposed bottle nipples, she noted, “This is my home ― those nipple don’t come in contact with anything but the air we breathe ... I’d be more worried about the dirt on the floor they scoot their face across than some germs, in the air they breathe in their mouths, possibly getting on a bottle they put in the same place.”

McDaniel concluded her post with a message to her fellow mothers.

“And to each one of y’all reading this,” she wrote. “If no one told you today- YOU ARE A AWESOME MOM!”