Mom's Cute Video Inspires Her To Create Pregnancy Time-Lapse App

"I wanted to give others the ability to create their own in an easy-to-use system."

During her first pregnancy, Jasmine Katatikarn documented her growing belly with one photo a day, and now has a time-lapse of those pics in the form of a video. She then was motivated to create an app so other moms could easily do the same.

Katatikarn and her husband, Matt Hureau, have a daughter who will be 2 in November. While pregnant with her, Katatikarn posed for a photo every day in a similar position and then strung together all the photos into what she calls a “baby bump video.” Katatikarn posted the video on Instagram, describing it as “nine months of pregnancy in 45 seconds.”

After sharing the video, Katatikarn heard from several other moms who wanted their own pregnancy time-lapse videos, so she came up with an app called Pregmo.

“Unfortunately, the way I had created my video was overly complicated and time-consuming, something that most people would not want to do,” she told HuffPost. “It’s such a wonderful video to have and I wanted to give others the ability to create their own in an easy-to-use system. Thus, Pregmo was born!”

Katatikarn teamed up with app development company Agicent to develop Pregmo. Every day, users take a photo of themselves using a guide that frames their bodies to be in the same position each time. Users can also import their own photos. The app’s “movie maker” then lets users choose an animation speed and creates their final video made up of individual pics.

Katatikarn told HuffPost she’s happy to help other moms create a project that they “will cherish for a lifetime.” Her pregnancy time-lapse was especially important to her because of her experience with infertility.

For more than five years, Katatikarn and her husband tried to have a child with no success. Their journey, which she documented on her blog, included multiple intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatments and three IVF treatments. A doctor once told Katatikarn she had a less than 1 percent chance of becoming pregnant and having a child. But a few years ago, Katatikarn finally became pregnant with their daughter, whom they refer to as “T” online. She is now pregnant with her second child.

Katatikarn told HuffPost she and her husband enjoyed making the first video together, and although it took up a tiny part of their day for nine months, the final result has a much bigger impact.

“It took only a minute or two to do and it was a daily reminder of the little baby growing inside,” she said. “Most of all, it’s so wonderful to be able to see the change through time.”

Learn more about the Pregmo app on Instagram and more about Katatikarn on her blog.

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