Moms' 'Fresh Prince' Parody Tackles The Chaos Of Labor And Delivery

"This is a story all about how..."

A group of moms took on a ‘90s classic and turned it into a funny saga about welcoming a baby.

Chelsea Cunningham, Deidra Romero, Lauren Tenney and Jenilee Vander Elst ― known collectively as The Texting Yoga Pants ― released a parody on YouTube on May 8 set to the theme song from the series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” From rushing to the hospital to dealing with loads of paperwork to already worrying about being a “bad mom,” their spin on the song captures labor and delivery in all its (chaotic) glory.

In August, The Texting Yoga Pants scored more than 1 million views on their parody dedicated to all the parents who gave in and got a minivan. Now, this new parody takes another look at how your life can get flipped, turned upside down by parenting.

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