Mom's Hilarious Story About Her Morning Shows The Hectic Life Of A Parent

It all started with a burning smell...

One mom’s story about her morning with her family has shown just how chaotic a parent’s life can be.

On Saturday, writer Tara Wood posted on Facebook to share the hectic morning she had on Friday. Wood prefaced her post by explaining she’s been busy caring for the family dog who was recently hit by a car, which made the day even more hectic than usual. It started with a burning smell that wasn’t setting off the smoke alarms, but was continuing to get stronger. Wood couldn’t trace it back to its source until she found her 9-year-old son Leo in the family’s game room.

“I looked up and saw a sock ― one of Leo’s socks ― smoldering and melting onto the bulb of the ceiling light fixture,” she wrote.

Wood managed to get the sock off the bulb by standing on a chair and using her toddler daughter’s doll, but Leo seemed completely unfazed once the sock was rescued from the light fixture.

“Leo just sheepishly shrugged his shoulders and said ‘Sock Fire’ would be a cool band name,” Wood wrote.

The chaos didn’t stop there, though. After the almost fiery incident, she learned her 2-year-old daughter, Marigold, was holding a baby squirrel outside. When Wood went to check on her, she saw the squirrel was actually dead, prompting her to bribe her child with Doritos and a fudge pop when the 2-year-old wouldn’t let go of the squirrel.

“She’s very food driven so she unrolled the squirrel from her shirt and handed him over,” Wood wrote. “I placed his very deceased, limp body in a plastic bag, gave Marigold a quick bleach scrub down and made good on my Doritos and fudge pop promise. All of this happened before 7:00 a.m.”

Wood’s funny account of the story had been shared more than 39,000 times as of Monday. She told HuffPost she has had similar mornings like this one, but joked that “most didn’t include potential death, just inconveniences and/or ridiculous circumstances.”

In the comments of her post, Wood explained the sock found its temporary home on the light fixture after her son kicked off both his socks and didn’t realize only one hit the ground. She also noted that she simply had to laugh at the situation since it was all so overwhelming. She told HuffPost she hopes other parents do the same.

*My advice is to try to find humor in the absurd bits of this parenthood gig,” she said. “It’s so much less stressful and so much more manageable when you can roll with the punches and giggle at the utter ridiculousness of it all.”

Keep up with Wood and her family on Facebook.

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