Mom's Honest Post Highlights The 'Dark Sides Of Motherhood And Pregnancy'

Her message to moms with postpartum depression? "Don't lose hope."

In an encouraging and honest post on Instagram, a mom of two has shared how she’s learned to love her body again and what she wants other moms to know about the many different changes that come with motherhood.

Alexandra, a mom to two sons who are 18 months old and 5-and-a-half months old, posted a photo on Instagram on Jan. 12 of the “tiger stripes” on her stomach. In her caption, she wrote that it took her 18 months “to finally feel beautiful” in her own skin. She also noted that no one prepared her for the mental, physical and emotional changes she experienced after having kids. With her post, Alexandra reminded moms with similar feelings that they’re not alone.

“I want other moms to know that postpartum depression and these physical changes can happen to anyone,” she told The Huffington Post. “I want other moms to know that this is where I am at now, but this isn’t where I started. Don’t lose hope.”

Alexandra encouraged other moms to be vocal about how they feel after kids and talk comfortably about the changes they’ve experienced, physically and mentally. Before she welcomed her two boys she wishes she would have heard more mothers talk about all the emotions they felt with motherhood, not just the positive feelings.

“I wish that I would have known that there is more than just feeling in love when you have your baby, there are a lot of other feelings when you enter motherhood,” she said. “When I had my babies I felt so guilty for feeling other feelings besides love. I wish I would have known that all the feelings I was feeling were valid, they were okay!”

Alexandra told HuffPost she is still working on loving her body every day. She admitted looking in the mirror sometimes brought her to tears for a long time until she reminded herself she “brought two miracles into our world.” Alexandra is proud of the “tiger stripes” on her stomach and thinks other moms should be, too. When asked if she had anything else to say to fellow mothers, she said she wants them to know she’s got their backs.

“I am right here with you,” she said. “I have felt a lot of the same feelings as you, my tummy might look just like yours! We are in this together.”

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