Moms Lament Being Their Kids' Chauffeurs In Funny Parody Video

"Grab all your friends and get in the minivan!"

Being a parent can make you feel like you're just a glorified chauffeur for your kids.

The song parody extraordinaires behind Laughing Moms teamed up with SheKnows to create a carpool-centric version of David Guetta's "Hey Mama." In the music video, the moms sing about shuttling their kids between school and an unending series of extracurricular activities.

Standout lyrics include "Cuz the school drop-off's forever long, baby," "Uber just got mama-fied" and "I'll be your driver baby, I'm in demand. Grab all your friends and get in the minivan!"

As the YouTube description states, "Back-to-school means fall sports, scheduled activities, chauffeuring moms and, let’s be honest, a whole lot of chaos."

Indeed it does!

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