Mom Leaves Message In Her (Grown) Daughter's Lunchbox (PHOTO)

On HuffPost Parents we tend spend a lot of time talking about how we feel about being parents, and far less time on how we feel about OUR parents. Last night, though, we all found ourselves sobbing over a Reddit thread that overflows with grown-up kids expressing love for Mom.

It began when DovhPasty, very much an adult, wrote “My mom made me a lunch today out of the kindness of her heart, and I found this note inside...” Attached was a photo of very Momish stationery, and a handwritten message:

It spurred thousands of messages from Redditors -- sharing memories of years of their own lunchbox notes, making vows to say "I love you" more often to their moms, writing of the holes left in a life after a parent is gone, and debating crusts vs. no-crusts on sandwiches.

You can read the thread here. But first, go call your mother.

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