Mom's Message Is For Every Parent Who Doesn't 'Have It All Together'

"We are really all just running around, muddling through and trying to make it all work."

At first glance, a photo that Rachelle Bingham posted on Facebook earlier this month looks like just a glimpse into her car. For parents, it actually represents a lot more.

Bingham, a mother from Melbourne, Australia who blogs at The Mummy Code, posted a selfie on Facebook on April 5 that offered a look at the inside of her car. She addressed her post to "anyone who thinks working mums have it all together" and described her hectic day as a mom to a 3-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter.

"I have just arrived home at 5.10pm. I woke up with my 3 year old at 4.30am, got kids ready, went to childcare, drove an hour in traffic and started work at 8am - in a normal job, nothing glamorous or exciting," she wrote. "I still have to do baths, make dinner and make a slice for work tomorrow who are having a 'fun' morning tea."

Later in the post, Bingham, who works in construction management, described her car as "filthy dirty" and described how it is filled with toys, wrappers and juice boxes. She ended her post by emphasizing that it's OK for parents to not have everything figured out.

"It may appear that working mums have it together but we are really all just running around, muddling through and trying to make it all work, so no one is let down or left out," she wrote.

As of Wednesday, Bingham's post has racked up more than 42,000 likes and more than 7,000 shares. She told The Huffington Post she shared the photo in hopes that other moms and dads would relate and clarified that both working and stay-at-home parents are doing "a wonderful job." For her, parenting isn't always easy, but it is certainly rewarding.

"Days and nights are full, your car is dirty and house is messy but you certainly know that you're alive," she told HuffPost. "I realise one day I will look back and miss all these hectic moments."

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