Mom’s Parenting Cartoons Will Have You Nodding In Solidarity

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Adrienne Hedger has been drawing cartoons ever since she was a kid. Now that she’s a mom with two kids of her own (and a dog whom she also considers one of her children), the artist focuses her work on an exciting, frustrating and totally hilarious topic: parenting.

Hedger’s cartoons touch on past and present parenting experiences with her daughters, who are 10 and 13. From sibling clashes to mealtime meltdowns, her “Hedger Humor” cartoons don’t shy away from the nitty gritty of raising kids. And they’re totally relatable.

“I want my cartoons to create connections between people and foster a sense of ‘we’re all in this together,’” Hedger told The Huffington Post. “Hopefully that’s a relief, to know that so many others are facing similar experiences. I cover a mix of ages ― toddler all the way through teen ― so there’s a lot of material people can relate to.”

With support from Patreon backers, Hedger posts new cartoons on her website and social media pages every week. She’s also published illustrated books about parenting, including Momnesia, The World According to Toddlers and If These Boobs Could Talk.

“It’s really fun when people leave comments with their own stories or examples. You realize pretty quickly that kids are crazy, parenting is hard, and it’s best to keep a sense of humor. I want people to read my cartoons, laugh and think, ‘Well, I feel better now.’”

Hedger said her kids are entertained by the cartoons, though they always have the option to veto a comic that involves them. “My youngest really likes them, and told her entire fourth grade class to check out my website,” the artist explained. “So I always have to remember that my audience includes kids!”

“My dog is NOT pleased about all the cartooning,” she added. “He would prefer that I focus on rubbing his belly.”

Keep scrolling and visit Hedger’s website, Facebook and Instagram for more spot-on parenting cartoons.

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