Moms Parody Sir Mix-A-Lot To Celebrate Their Postpartum 'Bumps'

"Mama's Got Bump" is an ode to that "pouch of honor."

“I like my belly and I cannot lie. Postpartum mamas can’t deny...”

In honor of #LoveYourBodyDay on Wednesday, the comedy group Mothers You’d Like To Friend parodied Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby’s Got Back.” The result is “Mama’s Got Bump” ― a celebration of moms’ postpartum bodies in all their glory.

The lyrics include lines like “Nine months of growing a belly. Now my belly’s feeling’ like jelly,” and “My belly’s a badge of honor. Proof that I am a spawner.”

Beyond bellies, the irreverent music video also gets real about things like extra loose skin, sagging breasts, postpartum discharge and so much more.

“Mama’s Got Bump” has been viewed nearly two million times on Facebook. Co-creator Masha Sapron told HuffPost in an email they made the video “because moms don’t always ‘bounce back’ after having kids!”

She added, “The music video celebrates the MOM BOD of all shapes and sizes.”

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