Mom's Photos Document The Many Adventures Of A Boy And His Truck

Miles and his trusty truck have been through a lot together.

From the gas station to the grocery store, 2-year-old Miles keeps his trusty companion by his side. That companion just happens to be a toy truck.

Alaina Carr, a mom of two from Washington state, documents the many moments her son shares with his Little Tikes Cozy Truck through photos and posts them on her photography Facebook page in an album titled "The Adventures of Miles." Carr told The Huffington Post she felt inspired to start the series after her son pretended to take his truck out to grab some food.

"He had been playing in the house in his truck, and he would lean out the window and say, 'Fries! Nuggets! Uh fries! And toys! Thank you.' And then he would pull forward like he was in a drive-thru," she said. "I thought it would be hilarious to take him through an actual drive-thru and make his dreams come true."

Miles and his trusty truck go on many adventures together.
Miles and his trusty truck go on many adventures together.

Since then, Carr has staged other photo shoots with Miles and his truck, which he got for Christmas in 2014. Some of Miles' adventures include stopping at a bank, filling up at a gas station and even getting stopped by the paparazzi. Carr told HuffPost the people and businesses involved in the photos have been incredibly helpful.

"All the businesses we've worked with have gone above and beyond what we would have ever imagined," she said. "They have all gotten really in to it!"

What's the next stop for Miles and his truck? A Seattle Seahawks tailgate party shoot that Carr is especially excited about.

"I get to include a bunch of friends in it, and we get to be Hawks fans," she said. "There's nothing better than that!"

See more of "The Adventures of Miles" below.

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