The Best Baby Products Of 2014, According To Moms

03/31/2014 02:14pm ET | Updated April 1, 2014

If you spend time fishing around the Internet to find the best baby products out there, look no further. BabyCenter did the work for you by sifting through the top products on the market, including strollers, car seats, breast pumps and more, and asked parents which they considered the best.

The result of this search? The 2014 Moms' Pick Awards. The products below won the winning titles for their respective categories. For more of moms' faves, click over to BabyCenter for the full list of nominated products in each category.

Baby Jogger City Mini
Why it's a winner: This stroller took first place in four of six categories: value, durability, space saving, and ease of use – it practically floats over sidewalks and curbs with the merest push. The word most used to describe it: love. That's no surprise considering that it comes from the company that invented the lightweight, maneuverable stroller for urban use. Other endearing features: the one-handed fold; the big, sturdy sunshade; and how well built the whole thing feels despite being a featherlight 16.8 pounds. Cost: $190 to $250 What moms say: "Very easy to install in the car. Straps are also easy to adjust." "It's easy to clean. Also, it fits into my small car and the straps are very simple to adjust." "Light, but safe. That's all that matters."
Chicco KeyFit 30
Why it's a winner: Chicco slides into first place for creating a car seat so easy to install a kid could practically do it, including a handy bubble indicator that lets you know if the angle is off when you snap it into place. It also nabbed first for looks and quality thanks to a streamlined design, attractive color schemes, and highly durable seat materials. Cost:$190 What moms say: "Very easy to install in the car. Straps are also easy to adjust." "It's easy to clean. Also, it fits into my small car and the straps are very simple to adjust." "Light, but safe. That's all that matters."
Britax Marathon
Why it's a winner: A longtime favorite among moms, our moms rated it highest for overall appearance, and also gave it top marks for quality and ease of use. Suitable for kids from 5 to 65 pounds, it boasts top-notch safety features, including integrated steel bars and chest pads to provide resistance to forward movement. Cost: $215 to $289 What moms say: "Britax is the only brand I trust." "Best car seat ever." "I love that I can install it myself."
Medela Pump In Style Advanced
Why it's a winner: This beloved pump (well, as much as a breast pump can be loved) offers unparalleled effectiveness and efficiency. It earned top marks in nearly every category, and was number one for good looks, ease of use, and value. Moms appreciate the discreet carrying case, quiet motor, and steady suction. Cost: $245 to $340 What moms say: "This pump was well worth every penny. I used it with all three of my kids, and my sister used it with her three kids. All we had to do was buy the extra parts like tubing, flanges, etc. I love that it worked with a hands-free band so I was able to pump while I worked." "Loved the product! Easy to use and I love that you can pump directly into the special bags to freeze your milk!"
Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor
Why it's a winner: This monitor is super popular because of all of its features – including a camera that tilts, pans, and zooms remotely; a talk-back feature; and a screen that can be dimmed at night – but also because it's easy to carry around. Moms note that the picture and sound quality are both excellent. Cost: $220 What moms say: "Love that I can watch my baby, talk through monitor, and move the camera if needed." "I enjoy the sound indicator – even when screen is off, I can tell if my baby is crying."
Baby Caché Heritage Lifetime Convertible Crib
Why it's a winner: With its sturdy construction and solid mahogany wood, this convertible crib can deliver on the "lifetime" promise. And yet, it doesn't cost as much as similar cribs you might find at fancy baby boutiques. Moms are fans of its handsome looks that go with any decor and the overall quality. It seamlessly cycles from baby to toddler bed to daybed. Cost: $500 What moms say: "I love the look of the crib and that it is convertible." "Beautiful design; love the conversion feature."
BOB Revolution
Why it's a winner: Moms ranked BOB the best in four out of five categories, including quality, good looks, value, and ease of use. Although it's not tiny, it still nabbed third place in space saving due to its easy fold mechanism. Other winning traits: The suspension feels luxe, it can be easily steered with one hand, and the sunshade is generous. All in all, it feels like a rolling chariot. Cost: $359 and up What moms say: "I love that I can steer this with one hand, great on all terrains, easy to fold and open." "It's rugged and durable! Runs great, cleans easily, comfortable." "This is the best stroller for jogging (or doing anything) one-handed, a requirement if you need another hand for another child. I can steer with one pinky if the wheels are filled properly."
Maclaren Quest
Why it's a winner: The Quest can stand up to anything you (or your kids) throw its way: multiple daily outings, bumps up and down stairwells, and airplane travel, too. With its wobble-free construction, durable seat fabric, and sturdy canopy, the Quest won first place for overall quality. Moms also gave it high marks for being handsome and easy to use: The fold couldn't be simpler, and there's a handy carry strap. Cost: $270 What moms say: "Easy to fold and unfold, and put in and out of the car." "It's held up very well; I've owned it for three years. It's traveled internationally and does a great job."
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Comfort Bottles
Why it's a winner: These came in first in looks and second in ease of use. This wide-mouthed BPA-free plastic bottle includes a new anti-air-bubble venting system that the regular Closer to Nature bottles do not have. Many moms who switch back and forth between the breast and bottle like these bottles best. Cost:$8 to $10 each What moms say "My baby seems to like the shape of the nipple. We've had no issues with nipple confusion." "I love these! They greatly reduced the spit-up and gas." "Love that they only have three parts – super easy to put together!"
First Years Sure Comfort Newborn-to-Toddler Tub
Why it's a winner: The deep, ergonomic design of this tub ensures that your little one is cradled in comfort. There's a removable mesh sling for newborns, while older kids can sit at the other end supported by an upright backrest. Parents praise the drain plug, which changes color if the water is too hot; the built-in compartment for toys and shampoo; and the fact that it fits both single and double sinks. No wonder it came in first for value. Cost:$20 What moms say: "I like that this tub has two seating positions. One for an infant, and another for an older baby. I also like the sling attachment for newborns. The storage compartment has also come in handy." "Great product, baby was very comfortable in it and it fit well in my sink."
Ergobaby Performance
Why it's a winner: The Ergobaby carrier won first place overall by a large margin, and moms can't sing its praises loudly enough. They appreciate how easy it is to use (although a few like having a second person around to help buckle it), the three carrying positions, the fact that it's washable and durable – and that they can wear it comfortably for hours on end. Cost: $135 to $140 What moms say: "Hands down the best baby carrier I've owned. Easy to use and never hurt my back." "I love everything about this product – easy to wash, comfortable for baby and me, great all around."
Sophie the Giraffe
Why it's a winner: Moms hail Sophie as a great-looking, simple toy that's top quality. The legs and nubby horns are easy for a teething baby to manipulate, and her sweet squeak is just loud enough. Made of natural rubber, Sophie's pleasing to tender gums. Another plus: no small parts to break off or clean. Cost: $23 and up What moms say: "This is the perfect toy for teething. It's also small enough in areas for baby to handle easily." "I love that I don't have to worry about parts coming off and my baby choking. Sophie is very durable and easy to clean."
Britax Frontier 90
Why it's a winner: This booster won overall, but scored especially high with moms when it came to durability and good looks. Although its price was less popular, moms consider Britax's impressive safety and comfort features worth it. And it's easy to install, too. Cost: $243 to $275 What moms say: "I love that my daughter's head and neck seem better protected with this seat." "It's bulky but very safe. We love it."
Thirty-One Gifts Casual Cargo Purse
Why it's a winner: Available in every shape, size, and pattern under the sun, Thirty-One bags (available via consultants) take first place for quality construction. They'll last throughout your little one's diaper days and probably beyond. Smart storage spots abound and they can be monogrammed, too. Cost: $45 and up What moms say: "I love it because it holds a lot and is easily organized." "It has seven pockets on the outside to carry an assortment of items and plenty of space on the inside to fit items for all four of my children."
Skip Hop
Why moms love it: Clean lines and basically indestructible designs make Skip Hop a favorite with both moms and dads. The bag is very user-friendly: There's a plethora of compartments and pockets, and it clips onto a stroller handlebar in a snap so Dad won't fumble. Nor will he grumble about having to carry a girly bag: This one is positively gender-neutral, especially the options in black, navy, and gray family. Cost: $58 and up What moms say: "Best parts are the waterproof pockets and changing mat." "We have used our Skip Hop bag for almost two years. My husband isn't embarrassed to use it because it looks masculine. It is compact but holds everything we need for daily outings."
Playtex Diaper Genie Elite
Why it's a winner: The most used diaper pail by far, it earns high praise for durability. Moms like that it opens with a foot pedal, so you can keep a hand on your little one while tossing the diaper, and that it's basically as simple to use as any trash can. A fair number of moms were not impressed, however, by its odor-containing capabilities. Cost: $30 to $35 What moms say: "I love the Diaper Genie! It's the best baby gizmo we bought." "It worked really well, but changing the bags could have been easier."
Baby Trend Sit N' Stand
Why it's a winner: It gets high points from moms for value and versatility – it's called a Sit N' Stand but it can also be a sit n' sit or a lie n' sit or, well, you get the picture. Whether you have twins or two children of different ages, this flexible stroller does the job, moms say. It's no status symbol but with 12 different possible arrangements, it's a true workhorse. Cost: $130 to $165 What moms say: "I loved that my toddler could choose how to ride and that there was a safe spot for my baby when the kids were younger." "It's less cumbersome than other doubles and much easier to use."
Fisher-Price Space Saver
Why it's a winner: One quarter of the moms on the award panel use this little chair. It won in four of the categories – space saving, durability, ease of use, and value – and came in second overall. Moms love its compact size, but also appreciate how easy it is to clean and its durability. Cost: $45 What moms say: "Best thing I ever bought. It fits perfectly on any chair, is truly portable, and cleans up easily. My second child is now using it and it's still in great condition." "I love this product because it saves space in my kitchen and doubles as a booster as kids get older."
Graco Pack 'n Play with Reversible Napper and Changer
Why it's a winner: This play yard aced every category except space saving (and it came in second there). It's just the right combination of convenience and simplicity – not too tricked out and not too spare, moms say. Once their babies were no longer infants, a lot of moms used it as a travel crib and considered it easy to pack up and tote. Some moms says they'd like more gender-neutral designs and color choices. Cost: $85 to $100 What moms say: "I love that the changing table fits right on top, and the extra level for naps is awesome too!" "Our first is 2 and we still use it with him and our second child. Love it." "I was able to use it as a changing table and then as a bassinet. Now we use it when we travel."
BabyBjörn Potty Chair
Why it's a winner: A minimalist, ergonomic design makes this potty a parent favorite. It came in second overall and earned high marks for ease of use, durability, and looks. Moms applauded the backrest, which makes for comfortable sitting, and how light it is to move from place to place (a lot keep an extra one in the car for potty training emergencies). Moms of boys also appreciated the generous splash guard. Cost:$23 What moms say: "Easy to use. Easy to clean. No distracting, unnecessary features." "I love that it has a back so children can sit more comfortably, especially if they are bigger. I love the clean simple lines. And I love the removable bowl – easy cleaning."
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
Why it's a winner: Moms love how adaptable this toy is, which helped it place second for value. With tons of colorful keys, buttons, and knobs, it can be used when baby is a floor sitter, then zoomed around once he's off and toddling. Parents also give it praise for withstanding plenty of bangs and bumps. Cost: $30 What moms say: "There is a lot to do on this toy. My child can play with it in many different ways." "My boys love pushing it around and pressing the buttons." "It makes walking seem fun."

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