Moms Hilariously Chat About Poop In Viral Vid

"It becomes the only thing you talk about."

Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of IMomSoHard have to make ... you laugh.

They riff on all matters poop in a new Facebook video that is welcome relief for a humor-constipated world.

The scatological chat, which has exceeded 1 million views since it was posted on Thursday, strays far beyond the mother’s-eye view of children’s toilet troubles. The two discuss how Target works as a natural laxative, and how adult vacationers root for each other when fellow travelers are having bathroom woes. There’s also a hilarious bit about Hensley’s mother’s “finger test,” but don’t ask.

“Before you have kids, you don’t want to talk about poop,” Hensley explains in the clip above. “It doesn’t feel cool to talk about poop. And then literally right after you have kids, it becomes the only thing you talk about. You forgot that you ever thought there was anything taboo to begin with.”

At least in this video, we’re glad for that!