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Mom's Post About Her 'Sea Of Gray' Hair Offers Refreshing Take On Beauty

“It took me a while to find myself and learn to love myself."

A mom’s post about her “sea of gray” hair makes an important point about the way many perceive beauty.

Meredith Masony, the mom of three behind the blog That’s Inappropriate, wrote a Facebook post on Sunday about the way she felt about her body 12 years ago vs. the way she feels about it now.

“When I was in my early twenties I was super critical of my body,” she wrote. “I was never satisfied with my looks. I wanted to be thinner, tighter, and I wanted breast implants. Now that I’m 36, I have to laugh. I wasn’t able to appreciate my body back then. I think part of that was because I didn’t really know who I was. I was insecure and lacked confidence.”

Masony wrote that in the last 12 years she has had three kids along with four surgeries, including a few involving a noncancerous esophageal tumor. In her post, she wrote that she hated when her husband squeezed her thighs or waist while in bed. She feared her “imperfections.” But now Masony is ready to accept those changes.

“While I was getting ready for church this morning I looked in the mirror and saw a sea of gray in my hair,” she wrote in her post. “I thought, ‘I’ve earned this. I’m OK with this.’ I am so happy that I am now able to embrace those imperfections and welcome these changes.”

Masony told HuffPost she felt motivated to write the post because after getting married and having kids she realized she was “lost.”

“It took me a while to find myself and learn to love myself,” she said. “It is so important for women to know and understand their worth.”

When asked how she now defines “beauty,” Masony replied, “Completely loving yourself,” which she hopes catches on within her community of readers.

“Loving yourself isn’t selfish,” she said. “It’s necessary for the health and development of all of our relationships.”

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