Moms Victory Over Inhofe

Last week, the Senate defeated Senator Inhofe's attempt to kill an important EPA clean air safeguard, 53 to 46. Thank you -- your hard work helped defeat Inhofe's outrageous bill.

Your support of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards -- historic clean air safeguards 21 years in the making -- made this victory happen. I cannot thank you enough for writing letters, signing petitions, making phone calls, posting on Facebook, tweeting, and all the other powerful actions you took to let your senators know that you demand that poisons be removed from our air -- Moms Clean Air Force members sent more than 50,000 messages to the Senate opposing Inhofe's bill and, clearly, our voices were heard!

The bipartisan vote even saw five Republican Senators -- Sens. Alexander, Ayotte, Brown, Collins and Snowe -- cross the aisle and stand up for clean air. We applaud their integrity and hope they will help show the way to even greater bipartisan stewardship of our world.

Moms Clean Air Force is growing beautifully -- and of course, the bigger our numbers, the more powerful our voices. We're not even a year old yet, and we have more 10,000 followers on Facebook and more than 80,000 dedicated members. We've been told by experts that our membership is deeply engaged and responsive. "Off the charts!" is an expression used more than once.

That's thanks to all of you, fighting for clean air. You've proven what I deeply believe: Mother love is a force to be reckoned with. I am so honored to be by your side, knowing that everything we do will make the world just a little bit better for our children.