Mom's Viral Post Shows Why The 70s And 80s Were Easier For Parents

“Nothing about modern parenting is simple."

A common refrain from parents today is that they wish they could raise their kids in simpler times, like the pre-Internet era of the 70s and 80s.

This viral Facebook post from mom and HuffPost blogger Bunmi Laditan highlights how the the Information Age is wearing on overwhelmed parents.

On Sunday, Laditan posted a photo of her computer screen on a website to purchase children’s vitamins.

“Being a modern parent is terrible,” the mom wrote. “I’d give my left tit to have parented in the 70s or 80s when all you had to do to be considered a good mom is to remember to wind down the windows when you smoke in the car.”

Laditan explained that she’s been shopping for vitamins since she recently learned that the Disney Pixar “Cars” gummy vitamins she gives her children are actually “sugary trash that cause leprosy and ADHD.”

She wrote, “For 45 minutes I’ve been comparing children’s vitamins, reading online reviews, and, inflammatory blog posts backed by no science that I both fear and respect.”

Lamenting the prospect of spending upward of $100 on children’s vitamins, probiotics and supplements, Laditan recalled her own experiences as a kid.

“Do you know what vitamins I had growing up?” she wrote. “NONE. DAYLIGHT WAS MY VITAMIN.”

Laditan continued, “Nothing about modern parenting is simple and it irritates me. I’ve seen the way some parents look at me when I give my son a juice box at the park. It’s juice, not Red Bull or margarita mix so calm down...”

Concluding her post, the mom said she’s about to spend a fortune on vitamins “because in 2016, you don’t really love your kids if you’re not a paranoid mess about their physical well being and willing to spend a small fortune on dye-free toothpaste made in the woods that tastes like elderberry and privilege.”

Laditan’s lament clearly resonated with other parents, as her post received over 87,000 likes and nearly 50,000 shares. Following up in the comments section, she posted photos of the frozen Kid Cuisine meals and Tampico orange juice her parents purchased with food stamps when she was a child.

In another comment, the mom explained that she focuses more on her kids’ overall well-being.

“We’re messy but I think we’re doing alright,” she wrote. “They’re all accounted for and are growing. That’s enough.”

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