Mom's Viral Toilet Signs Resonate With Parents Who've Been There


A mother-of-three decided to take action when it comes to her kids’ messy bathroom habits.

Vlogger Kristina Kuzmic posted a photo on Facebook that shows a toilet in her house covered in signs with directions like “Pee in this hole” and “Pee here” pointing to the bowl, as well as “Don’t pee here” and “Not a peeing area!” on the toilet seat and surrounding floor area.

”Sometimes I write my kids love notes,” she wrote in the caption.

Kuzmic has a 12-year-old daughter and two sons, ages 3 and 14. She told HuffPost she’s not afraid to get real about “the tougher, dirtier and outright suckier parts” of being a parent.

“Pee on and around the toilet is a common staple of raising and living with boys, so I knew that other parents would appreciate the love notes I left for my kids in the bathroom,” she said. “My goal in everything I post is just to make other parents realize they’re not alone and that they’re completely normal!”

The mom’s post has clearly resonated with other parents. It’s been shared over 154,000 times on Facebook.

Kuzmic’s post brings to mind Meredith Masony’s viral rant about her boys’ bathroom behavior.

“I am so over boys in the house who can’t seem to urinate inside of a toilet bowl!” she said in the video. “My bathroom smells like a subway station.”

Clearly, the bathroom struggle is real.