Mom's Viral Rant Explains Why You Shouldn't Be Friends With Your Kids

The video is clearly resonating with other parents.

"All three of my kids are mad at me right now ... And you know what? I don't care."

That's how mom and YouTube personality Kristina Kuzmic begins her latest viral video rant. Titled "I'm not your friend, kid! (Because I love you.)," the video shows Kuzmic eating ice cream while explaining why parents should not strive to be "buddies" with their kids.

"My number one job as their parent is to love them, and loving them does not mean making sure they're always happy and get every single little thing they want," she says, noting that loving her kids actually means "raising them into healthy, decent human beings."

"Until my kids are adults, I am not their friend," she added. "We are not on the same level. I'm the authority. My child's well-being is more important to me than my child's opinion of me. My job is not to be liked by my kid."

With nearly 200,000 views on YouTube, the video is clearly resonating with other parents. Clearly ice cream inspires parenting wisdom.

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